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The production process begins with an exhaustive selection of grapes from the best vineyards of the Ribera de Duero region. The bunches arrive at the winery in small capacity boxes, used to ensure maximum conservation. Upon arrival at the winery, the best bunches are selected using a vibrating sorting table. After destalking, the grapes are then placed on a second sorting table before going to tank for the maceration and fermentation processes. After the pre and post fermentation macerations, the wine is separated from the skins and in left to stabilize in receiving tanks. Pressing is not used in the production of our wines. After a number of weeks, the free-run wine is transferred into French and American oak barrels in the ageing room where it undergoes malolactic fermentation and ages over a period of several months, the specific length of time depending on each vintage. It is then skilfully blended for bottling and stored until sale.

Photo gallery of production